Profi class cryostats for Profi class laboratories

Why Siskin Instruments?

40 years of steady growth

Siskin Instruments established an impeccable reputation for itself in the niche market of laboratory instruments in India. Your trust has only furthered our growth. We always engineered. We now also manufacture.


In the context of the design and principle, our machines conform to DIN standards and implement safety features for applications that are critical. Safety is paramount to us.

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Intuitive Operation

Our modern electronic system design typically features a colour TFT and a resistive touch interface. This enables a very intuitive graphical user interface for configuring the parameters of our machines. Working with cryostats couldn’t be made more easier.


The Indian scientific community fondly refers to the Siskin Profichill as the people’s cryostatic machine. You can now easily afford a precise temperature control system at the highest of power ratings. Our costing is justifiable.

Prompt on-site customer support

Siskin Instruments has many sales offices in India. You are assured of quick on-site customer support if you buy a Siskin Instruments product in India.

request a call back.

Would you like to speak to one of our cryostat geeks over the telephone? Just submit your details and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Our mission is to manufacture precise laboratory machines and instruments built with a modern electronic sub-system and adequate safety features.

The principles of qualified and timely services are hardwired in us. After all, everything is defined in the context of intricate clockwork.

Service of machines without a reasonable stock of spare parts is impossible. We maintain an elaborate stockyard to meticulously handle machine spare parts. Our aim is to guarantee a significantly long market life for the machines we manufacture.

High quality machine parts, reliable machine performance and trustworthy service support we believe are the requisites for establishing good business practice.

About Us

Siskin Instruments was founded on 22’nd November 1979. Mr. Gopalan Nagarajan, its founder, with the small group of young, enthusiastic system engineers quickly made Siskin Instruments a popular and trusted brand within the Indian scientific community.

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