Siskin Instruments’ ST and AT series of immersion circulators circulates and heats bath OR vessel fluid accurately to a pre-selected temperature value. It is almost always used with the Profi klasse cryogenic machines we manufacture.

The ST and AT circulators can be used as long as there’s a bath. If you simply power your thermostat without liquid, the machine will raise an alarm. Our machines are used in almost every industrial, chemical, environmental OR biological processes demanding accurate temperature control.

These machines are built with a circulation pump for external fluid circulation, a heating element, a precision DIN 1/3 Class A Pt-100 RTD, a liquid level float switch to detect low liquid levels and control circuitry which compares the measured temperature with the desired value and supplies power to the heater as required to control the temperature.

The ST and AT immersion circulators conform to DIN 12876-1 and incorporate safety features for applications working with flammable bath fluids. All system functions and operations are enabled/disabled with touch. The 3.5″ color TFT interface can also be operated with gloved fingers. This makes it easy for chemists using our machine. Contact us for more information.

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