The Siskin Proficlass RSW 18 Refrigerated shaking water bath machine feature a stainless steel reservoir with an effective refrigeration system for your laboratory requirements. Siskin’s Proficlass water baths come with a classic TFT LCD touch human-machine interface. The digital interface has been specifically engineered to make the interaction with the water bath an intuitive experience. You can now configure 3 favourite set points, view a real time graph of the changes in temperature as a function of time, configure a timer and also tell your bath to reach a set point as soon as it recovers from power failure!
The advanced ventilation technique in the condenser sub-system of the Profichill keeps hot air away. It is constructed with powder coated steel. The air-cooled Proficlass work-horse relies on the subtle, laser cut vents for its performance.
Lift up bath cover is supplied as a standard component. Other items like Carrier tray with Test tube rack, Eppendorf tube rack, Basic tray with spring clamps for holding conical flasks are supplied as optional accessories as per the
requirement of the end user. The SISKIN Proficlass RSW 18 comes with 24 months warranty against any manufacturing defect and 36 months free of cost service support from the date of delivery and installation.

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