We manufacture constant temperature baths for use with completely automated capillary viscometer systems (AVS). The salient symbiosis between the AVS system and the Siskin Instruments’ Visco-Therm system is simply what you need if you work with polymeric viscosity.

Computing solution viscosity couldn’t be any easier – be it kinematic viscosity, logarithmic viscosity number (inherent viscosity), specific viscosity (viscosity relative increment), reduced viscosity (viscosity number – OR Staudinger function), intrinsic viscosity (limiting viscosity number LVN OR Staudinger index), K-value OR the derivation of molor mass.

Siskin Instruments’ Visco-Therm bath circulator offers excellent bath temperature stability (+/- 0.01 ºC), accurate real time temperature corrections (RTTC) and repeatable viscosity measurements. Our baths are generally connected to the Siskin Profichill RCC-400 ST-40 for precise viscosity measurements at sub-ambient temperatures.

In the context of lubricating oil blending, you can use the AVS/Visco-Therm system to calculate the blend ratio of two oils to achieve the desired viscosity. Our system is also clearly relevant in the process of characterization of viscosity changes with relation to temperature in lubricating oil – i.e. Viscosity index.

ASTM D 1655 sets the standard for aviation turbine fuels, kerosene type (Jet A-1). Our low temperature Visco-Therm machines can deliver upto -40 ºC at the viscosity measurement port (generally used at -20 ºC). Our system can be used to compute kinematic viscosity of aviation turbine fuels.

Even at such low temperatures, you can see the rundown of your sample in your viscometer very clearly. We also offer a backlight accessory with the Siskin Instruments’ Visco-Therm for better visibility in the context of manual viscosity measurements.


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