The Siskin Profichill re-circulating chillers are liquid in-line circulation heat sinks. These machines typically help in achieving 100% solvent recovery from rotary evaporators. They are also a popular companion for X-ray diffraction machines, electron microscopes, argon lasers, electromagnets, isoelectric focusing of gel electrophoresis, slab gel blotting, process centrifuges, intrinsic viscosity thermostatic baths and a host of such heat exchange applications.

The Siskin Instruments' ST and AT series of thermostatic heads let you precisely select and control the required bath temperature for circulatory applications that work between -25 ºC and +40 ºC OR in some rare cases, between -25 ºC and +100 ºC. Our mid range Profi klasse chillers can be connected to multiple rotary evaporators with a specially made two 2-port nozzles.

While our Profi klasse chillers are generally ordered and used as-is, we also offer flexible build customizations (for example, discharge pump configurations) for the machines to work in ad hoc laboratory applications. Many users fondly refer to the Siskin Profichill as the people's cryostat.

For these machines, we recommend 50% : 50% V : V of ethylene glycol and water for sub zero temperature requirements tending towards the limit of -20 ºC.

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